I did also IT research and I am proud with this

I am post graduate in Computer Science. When I was master candidate / student I did research for Industry 4 (Factory 4.5). Basically (me and a university professor PhD) we did the flow how to implement Artificial Intelligence in factories. And this is not all, we created also the levels in cloud to apply AI who can "discuss" with other factories.
So, if a company who build a car needed to have more than 1000 IDs for every component, after this they need to have 1 ID, for the car, in the rest AI from factories change information dynamically using cloud.
Also, in cloud exist implemented another AI to check data and help local AIs to learn and also doing part of the role of Big Data.
After all this, basically in Headquarters arrives just resumes of reports made automatically by this systems and this data can be implemented in BI, so, managers from Headquarters having infinite less data received than in standard mode of operation.

I presented all this information / results of this research in the Fifth International Conference on Modelling and De3velopment of Intelligent Systems

Here you can see the certificate of attendance to this international conference:

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