Technical Skills

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I was on positions of software development, but also I did IT consulting, IT training, IT technical management, software architecture.
Operating systems used / managed was: Windows (all), Linux Ubuntu, Mandrake, Android.
I used also Office packages, such as: Microsoft Office (all), Open Office, Libre Office.
As databases, I used: MS-SQL (all), MySQL, PostGreSQL.
Cloud (CI/CD): Azure.
Mobile: Android, Windows Mobile.
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I was in IT management in multiple positions, such as: lead developer, team leader, IT project manajer, IT manager, CTO
In total I have 9 years of IT technical management on all 3 levels of management: lower management (team leader), middle management (IT Project Manager, IT Manager) or higher management (CTO)
I am certified in IT technical management and I managed multiple types of IT projects, such as: software development, IT security, IT training sessions, general IT management.
I was in the past teacher of Computer Science and I had a lot of students who won IT regional or IT National competitions. Here you can see some of their certificates earned in IT competitions: Download Document
I was also IT trainer and I trained a lot of software developers entry level to use the latest technologies in software development, but also I trained other staff to use other types of software (dedicated or general software).

Here you can see some images with my certificates


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